How Our Meat Boutique Works

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Welcome to Our Meat Boutique!

  • You want a consistent, convenient, reliable, and trustworthy source of wholesome food that is simple to order, safely delivered, and enjoyable to prepare and consume. You'll find all that and more with us at Well Grounded Farms.
  • You don't want to feel alone or on your own. When you shop at our boutique, you shouldn't feel that. As we welcome you into our "doors" and delight in "showing you around" we're here to guide, suggest, recommend, advise, and encourage you from start to finish on your journey of eating Well - its what we do best!

We're Here As Your Personal Attendant

for Eating Well.

  • Our carefully detailed product descriptions are designed to eliminate overwhelm (AKA meat analysis paralysis) and help you easily select the best cut of meat for your intended purpose. 
  • Every item description in our boutique features "Well Grounded Keys to Eating Well with Ease" for developing habits that make meals easy.
  • If you encounter questions while you're in our boutique, contact us and share how we can help!
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Reasons You can Trust us for Safe Delivery

  • Each item is individually vacuumed sealed, for easy transport and storage.
  • Our boxes are comprised of heavy duty cardboard (made from recycled components) so your items remain intact through shipping, handling, hot and cold temps.
  • Our ultra thick insulated liner (made from recycled cardboard) and recyclable cold liner bag keeps your package at food-safe temperatures so your order arrives in excellent condition.
  • Up to 3 pounds of gel ice packs are included in your order to preserve cold in route and once on your doorstep, in case you're not home when delivery occurs.
  • For our families who live outside our next day delivery region: We have shipping procedures and packaging that are conducive to using dry ice for orders with multi-day transit times. Ensuring your meat is protected through delivery is extremely important to us.

What to Expect & Next Steps Once Your Order Arrives

  • As soon as you can, please take your Well Grounded Farms package inside and unpack its contents into your own cold storage.
  • Enjoy unboxing your specialty items from our meat boutique!
  • Some frost will occur inside your box. This is completely normal. Some items may feel soft to the touch. This, too, is normal and the food remains safe for consumption. Upon delivery your frozen items will maintain a temperature far colder than the temperature of a refrigerator (40 degrees) but not as cold as the -10 degrees we store your meat at until we pack your order. Thus a slight thaw may occur on some items, which should be of no concern.
  • If you plan to use some items right away, thaw under refrigeration. For items you intend to use later, place in your freezer.
  • Follow us on Instagram/Facebook (@WellGroundedFarms) for continued connection, ideas, insights and the latest discoveries we want to pass on to you and your home.
  • After you've ordered with us, you'll begin receiving the Well Grounded Home Journal (via email) for guidance and inspiration on raising food with integrity, how to use our products to make eating well easy, upcoming events, offers, and more!
  • Share/tell others about your experience with Well Grounded and how they can become part of the Well Grounded Family, too :)

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