We are the Hocks. We are Well Grounded.

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Our Mission:

We Restore Integrity to Food.

We're restoring integrity to your food.

If we're on mission to "restore" integrity to food, then that must mean something is broken or missing from our food supply. Precisely. Have you noticed?

We grew up in agriculture families in rural Nebraska and unquestionably practiced traditional methods of farming in our adult years. That began to shift in 2015, when we heard the word Regenerative Agriculture for the first time at a conference in Holyoke, Colorado. Could there really be alternative to what we've been taught to think about how agriculture must function? Does how you tend the ground or animal affect our health and ecosystems? Was there truly harmful effects to us from consuming meat mass-produced in confinement buildings & feedlots?

Our interest was piqued and we began studying ways to challenge the indoctrination of how we "feed the world."

In 2018 we uprooted our family of five from North Platte, Nebraska and moved to Bismarck, North Dakota. It was time for the Regenerative head knowledge we'd gained to become experiential. We dedicated two years to Brown's Ranch, working with Regenerative Ag's leading pioneers, Gabe and Paul Brown. We were inspired and equipped to do our part in building healthy soil and producing nutrient-dense, wholesome food for families who want food with integrity that's raised with integrity. We call this Eating Well.

We moved to rural Bennington, Nebraska as 2020 came to a close. We thought establishing a land base and animal herd was our first step toward restoring integrity to your food. Yet, God had a different sequence. We saw the opportunity to partner with regenerative farmers and ranchers who needed help getting their pasture raised meats onto families tables. We know, like us, there are many who want to feed their families well, but lack a consistent, convenient, and TRUSTWORTHY source for high quality and legitimate grass fed meats. The light suddenly came on. Well Grounded Farms online meat boutique was born as the bridge of connection between regenerative farmers and families.

We are a faith-based, family farm who personally connects savvy, health-conscious families to wholesome food from a source they can trust.

Here at Well Grounded, eating Well is easy. Maybe it doesn't feel like that for you...yet. Hang around. Lean in a little closer. We'll help you catch the flow of how to feed you and your family Well...body, soul and spirit.

Meet Our Family

What we love most about Well Grounded Farms, is that we do this as a family. Where there's one of us, there's all of us! We value being better together. Here we are, grateful to help your family eat and live Well.